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Legal analysis

The legal analysis of documents means the check of documents to determine the compliance with legal requirements.

The analysis of court practice is an important stage of legal analysis(check) of legal document, so that the amendments can be moved in the document as a result of check.

The legal analysis of documents (check) can impact significantly the legal protection of the contract party, as well as the reality of rights implementation and realization of the party.

The legal analysis of contract (treaty analysis) lets to detect the circumstances, what can affect negative one of the parties;

To determine the position of legal balance, to detect the dissonance with official turnover traditions. The legal analysis of contract(treaty analysis) can be performed written, where the recommendations will be included about the amendments of conditions, references to legislation and conclusions with critical comments.


The legal analysis consists of: contract conditions being not applied if the traditions of official turnover are respected, the contract conditions compliance with legislation, the recomendations for amendments to move in the contract, as well as other needed law advices linked to the contract being analyzed.

The conclusion consists of the question object being studied, reasoned response including references to concrete legislation normative regulations having the legal effect currently. Depending on volume of the order and level of complexity, the written conclusions can be prepared within a few days, weeks, sometimes also months. The lawyers need the time to examine the case objectively, to perform the analysis of company economic processes, to do the expertise of contract and other documents, containing concrete commitments.

The written conclusions can express the opinion of lawyer concerning the certain theme- for example, the legitimacy of penalty being applied by the tax administration concerning concrete point (pointed out in protocol of auditor) or the activity analysis of partners, who (in client opinion) violate the rights of mentioned natural or legal person. After receipt of such kind conclusion (the company manager) takes the decisssion about the Court Despute Resolution.

In some cases the company manager or accountant general needs the legal support in the complicated business matters - for business security. It is necessary to formulate the queries correctly, to submit the needed documents to the lawyers, to coordinate time, provided for analytical activity and of conclusion issue.

The written anlysis is performed:

- In the cases linked to compiling of treaty, contracts and agreements (analyzis, expertise, the quality of documents and their compliance with legislation normative regulations;

- In the context of personnel policy- legitimity linked to employment contracts, work agreements, calculations concerning the sick-lists and executive lists, assessment of personnel documentation secretary work, compiling the list of documents not included but necessary in the document turnover of the mentioned organisation.

- Linked to property or non-property rights of company occured within the disputes with public authorities, different state inspections and structures during the process of realization of commercial plans;

- To answer the concrete questions, occured during the explanation of different legislation normative regulations.

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