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Administraive affairs

Our bureau offers the defence and legal aid in the administrative proceedings. Our specialists  realize the

decission apellation of:

  • State institutions (officials) and  municipality institutions in the superior state institution (in front of superior officials), as well as decissions of  municipality institutions.
  • Defence and representation in the administrative court.
  • Preparation of application to submit in the administrative court, as well as decission apellation of Administrative Court and
  •  State Revenue Service;
  •  State Police;
  •  Consumer Rights Protection Office;
  •  Municipal Police;
  • State Labour Inspectorate;
  • State Construction Inspectorate and Municipality Construction Administration;
  • The Commitee of Public Services Regulation;
  • Auto Transport Control;
  • State Energy Inspectorate;
  • State Sanitary Inspectorate;
  • State Forest Service;
  • Competition Council;
  • Center of National Language;
  • The  Gambling and Lottery Supervision Inspectorate of  the Ministry of Finance;
  • Other institutions.


Concerning all the questions linked to visas and residence permit you can contact our specialists in the section „Ask question or call the number  +371- 28844144 (Latvia, Riga).

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