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The European Society

If your company plans expand its presence borders in the international business in the nearest future, including also states of European Union, our specialists will help you to prepare such important step, they will develop the strategies and tactics of transformation. There are different possibilities in Latvia, to achieve such kind of objective.

Beginning with the 8th of October 2004 it is possible to found a new commercial society in Latvia- European Society (Societes Europea, SE), what can transfer its legal address from one state- member of European Union (EU) to the other state wihout liquidation of company and formation of new society in the other EU state.

The Europen Society (SE) can be transfred not only from Latvia to the EU state and back, but also to Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Swizerland, states being not the members EU. The registration of European Society (SE) performs the Company Register.


The formation of SE is established by EU Regulations (number 2157/2001) about the statutes of bussiness society in Europe (SE), what was accepted at the 8th of October 2001. The objective of Regulation is to enable the different kinds of commercial society from different EU states to found the European Society with unitary legal regulation in all the states- members of the EU. The Regulation offers several possibilities to promote the international cooperation:

1. the international union of Join Stock Companies;

2. the transfer of SE legal address to the other state-member of EU-without liquidation procedure of SE.

The minimum fixed capital of SE s (except obligation to pay it) can not be less than 120 000 Euro (aproximately 79 000 Ls), for Join Stock Companies registered in Latvia- 25 000 Ls (except credit institutions and insurance societies), but for Limited Companies ( Ltd, OOO, SIA)- 2000 Ls.

The Regulations of EU provides four ways, how and who is allowed to found such kind of societies. The first way of ES formation is the incorporation of Join Stock Companies, the second way – the incorporation of Join Stock Companies and Ltd , the third is the formation of European Society as a managment company for commercial societies and other legal persons, the fourth way is the formation of European Society as a dependent society or the transformation of existing Join Stock Company to SE, if it had dependent society in the other state- member of EU.

Our specialists will provide you consultations about different variants of SE foundation, so that you can choose the most appropriate one in your situation.

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