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Arbitration tribunal


The dispute resolution in the arbitral tribunal is practiced in many countries and it is a salient feature of democracy and justice development, because the state holding the judiciary power, allows the private judicial protection.

The dispute resolution in the arbitral tribunals of Latvia becomes extensive, because the state courts are hard at work and legal controversies last 3-4 years, what is not reasonable for business development and performing of everyday economic activities.

The arbitral tribunal is permanently operational non-government institution, where the resolution of civil disputes take place. The judges for each concrete court proceeding in the arbitral tribunal are choosen by parts of civil case.

The parts of civil controversies can be legal persons, as well as natural persons, if they have agreed to dispute in the arbitral tribunal and the rights of natural persons as consumers are not injured.

Our law office offers the services in the cases of legal investigation in the differen arbitral tribunals of Latvia. We offer:

• assistance to choose the arbitral tribunal, signing the contract the civil contracts and making bargains;

• the assessment of reglament and reputation of choosen or offered arbitral tribunal ;

• the assistance to choose the arbitral tribunal judges;

• performing of procedural documents being submitted to the arbitral tribunal, as well as to ensure the claim

• the participation in the sessions of arbitral tribunal;

• the procedural actions to obtain the execution writ or contradict the obtaining of execution writ;

• the participation in the decissions fulfillment of arbitral tribunal

Our service charge- by agreement and it depends on comlexity of the offered case.

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