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Business Accompaniment

We solve the problems before they occure!

The complex service of your business will save the time as well as material resources , it will release you from searching for lawier, accountant, tax advisor.

Our specialists will help you to register your company in Latvia, as well as to buy already existing business in any of the Baltic states.

The firm „ADVOCATUS” will provide the support beginning with the start of your businesss.

It will assign the legal address in the centre of Riga, virtual office, original accounting service package, compiling of necessary contracts (employment contract, cooperation agreement, for transactions with partners), work with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

We will help you to suspend your business or, reversely, we will provide you the tax advice when the quantity of activity will increase. To guarantee the performance of signed contracts, we grant you the service of private arbitral tribunal what performs the functions of arbitration court in Latvia.

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